2. Start a Blog, 7. Easy A

2. Start a blog

7. Easy A

Okay, this isn’t considered cheating or anything. But obviously starting a blog was part of my summer list of things to do. And obviously I get to cross it off already, or else I wouldn’t be writing on this right now. Which is fine. Starting a blog was easy enough. Keeping it up is the hard part. Commitments don’t work well for me, which is a big part of why I have such a difficult time watching movies.

Most people will look at my list of movies to watch and wonder how I’ve survived. They’ll wonder how I was ever able to make small talk at parties. It’s true, I have felt left out when inside jokes about lucid dreams were being made. I just made laughing noises and nodding motions, understanding that it was about Inception, but pretending to understand exactly what about Inception they were laughing at. It was about the part with the dream, wasn’t it?

Well I guess this is a summer of commitments then. A commitment to keep this blog going, to keep this dignity going while talking to an imaginary audience. AND a commitment to sit down for 2-3 hours and watch a movie. I will watch many movies and not just laugh at the inside jokes, but actually know what they’re talking about, and even crack a couple knee-slappers myself. WOO, that was good!… is what they will say about my joke.

So the first movie of the summer is number 7 on my list.

This is me. Oh haha, typical teenage chalk drawings on a typical blackboard. LOL, right?

Okay, this movie was “cool.” I actually sat through the whole thing. Easy A was a really easy watch. (LOL, right?)  Mostly because I love Emma Stone. First of all, the name ‘Olive’ completely matches her. I want to be named Olive. I want to have that awkward lisp she has. She makes nerdy girls look so cool. I want to be cool.

It was a pretty typical teenage movie where high school is depicted as this microcosm of society with a clearly defined social hierarchy with the typical catty bitches (this is sort of an oxymoron… cats and dogs… get it?) at the top and the typical awkward nerds at the bottom. And it’s as if the only way they can overstep those boundaries is to pretend to sleep with Olive. And obviously the rumors go around just as fast as Olive apparently does. And then her best friend–I didn’t even pay attention to her name– keeps talking and won’t let her talk. And then Olive feels bad because she didn’t get to say what she wanted. Aww!

But then you realize that the whole movie’s based on a video that Olive is making for everyone. And then you realize that there’s texting, and that there’s probably Facebook. Really? She really couldn’t tell her best friend what she wanted to say? Really, there was absolutely no way? My high school experience sure wasn’t like that. No one cared about anyone else besides themselves. Ehh… reality.

Anyway, the movie was “cool.” Don’t pretend to find some deeper meaning to it, or something. And no prior knowledge of The Scarlet Letter is necessary to watch this movie. In fact, this movie barely has anything to do with the book. The “A” stands for “Adultery” but there was no adultery on Olive’s part, real or fake. Maybe a certain Friend might have been guilty of that, but she’s not the one wearing the “A” on all her clothes. Which reminds me, I want to be Olive because I want to be able to buy, like, 2 weeks worth of outfits whenever I feel like it.

I also want her family. I will f’sho get “Family Member of the Week” every week, and I will f’sho pick The Bucket List, and I will f’sho cross that movie off my list.


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