3. Inception

3. Inception

I want to walk down those streets.

Wow, I’m on a roll today. But since this movie was on HBO-W, I decided to just watch it and finally join the rest of humanity. I literally just watched this movie 3 minutes ago, and all I can say is that I feel depressed.

Yes, depressed.

Is this how you felt the first time you watched it? I actually didn’t know this movie existed until a week after it already came out. Last summer I attended 2 summer camps, a day after school ended, and a day after each other. I was living in my little summer camp bubble when one of my roommates (this was at my second camp) came back from a trip home one weekend and told me she just watched Inception.

“Was it good?” [Of course I didn’t know what Inception was, I just thought it was something I should know. It was.]

“It was crazy.”

So that was my first introduction to the existence of this movie. The knowledge that it was “crazy.” I’ve never seen a trailer of it, nor have I seen the name of the movie posted in front of the theaters. But now I can finally join the rest of society when I say that Inception was “crazy.” I can laugh with people when they tell inside jokes about dreaming within a dream within a dream within a dream. BUT FIRST, I have to get through this depression. Spending 50 years alone in Limbo, and then killing yourselves at the train tracks and then all the other depressing things that happens in reality.

It’s a great concept. They were great actors. (Joseph Gordon-Levitt mmm, I will see you again when I watch 500 Days of Summer) It was all great. Great screenwriting. Great set design. And this is why I can’t be a movie critic. Praises all around.

But I was more interested in Cobb’s story than in their “mission” for Fischer (lovelovelove him. I felt sorry for him because he had to be dragged into all their shenanigans). And I thought Saito was a bad guy… to be honest I’m IMDb-ing all their names. I have a hard time keeping track of character names… except the only name I remember was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s, which was Arthur. Ellen Page‘s name was Ariadne? How do you pronounce that? (Well, that’s going on my list of potential baby names)

All in all, I truly enjoyed this long-ass movie. I did sit through the whole thing. Yay me! And I did enjoy it. Yay Inception! I’d enjoy delving into the subconscious now and then. Maybe Joseph will be there, and maybe I can figure out what really is wrong with me.

Just for fun.

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