2. Avatar

2. Avatar

Avatar (2009 film)
Hair sex with the bird.

Just one question. Did this movie really have to be 3 hours long?

Okay, maybe the fact that I’m watching this movie way after everyone else makes me more vulnerable to their opinions. Or if they blow it out of proportion, I start watching it with high expectations. Which is what happened. I knew it was supposed to be good. And don’t get me wrong, it was good. The artistic aspect of it was impressive. I mean, I wish I was that creative to invent a “whole new world” like that. Which reminds me of Disney, which reminds me of Pocahontas, which is what everyone has been comparing this movie to. And I found the comparison right away. Same story. But while the cartoon wasn’t even an hour long, Avatar had to be THREE HOURS LONG. Do we not understand that I don’t like watching movies solely for that reason? Reading a book takes up a long time, too, but at least I feel productive when I do it. To me, watching movies is an indulgence. It’s not something I like doing for long periods of time, unless it’s really entertaining or it gets me thinking.

I don’t know, Avatar definitely seemed to be more about the special effects than the story (because we all know this story before). And the special effects were beautiful. I love how Pandora looks. I wish I could live there. I just don’t understand why the Na’vi like to have hair sex with everything. They’re very very close to nature, and did anyone else notice the “human playing god” aspect of it? I’m sure you did, I just like to sound smart. But these humans have created Avatars that basically function exactly like the Na’vi. With the hair sex and everything. I mean these are real creatures with bodily functions and souls, and these humans can suddenly just “clone” them… or create whole new Na’vi. Maybe they explained how they did this, but I’m thinking, if they can do this by 21-whateveryearthismovieissetin, then they can create human beings from scratch, too? Man playing god.

Anyway, I just didn’t think the movie as a whole was all that great. It was way too long for my taste, and I applied to jobs while I was watching it, just to feel more productive.


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