3. Get a job

3. Get a job

I must have applied to at least [note: at least. And those applications took hours to fill out, too!] five different retail jobs. Snagajob.com, you did not snag me no job. Fortunately a tutoring position opened up where I can start right away, it won’t take too much time away from my “adventures,” and I won’t have to clean any bathrooms. It’s pretty simple stuff. I have to teach Nicole basic geometry just to familiarize her for next school year, and also some grammar and essay writing. I must say, this academic stuff is my strong point, especially since I’m fresh out of high school. If I had worked in retail, I wouldn’t have been able to sell a thing!

But it’s kind of tough having the tables turned. Now, I’m the teacher. It sort of makes me realize why teachers have to go through so much in order to get their teaching credentials. [Do they? I’m pretty sure they do.] But then again, I’ve also realized why teachers enjoy making students teach each other. At first, I really didn’t know how to go about teaching Nicole the material. Where should I start? What does she already know? But as my first day drew on, I started familiarizing myself with my student, and I think I have a better idea of how to approach things and how to go about teaching her the concepts.

Nicole studying. I am aware that you don't see her whole face. It's artistic.

I am very thankful that my first job is something like this as opposed to working in retail. Which I was hoping to do, but this way, I don’t have to be left working hoursI don’t want and losing track of all the adventures I was hoping to have. There is no tacky uniform, no fear of seeing someone I might know, and no annoying customers. And better yet, I get to see LA buildings when I look out the window.

We’re working on proofs next time. [Oh Geometry, after 4 years, we meet again.] But for now, I have more to write about. And then… I’m writing lesson plans. I got a job to do.


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