6. Buy a Crumbs Cupcake for myself

6. Buy a Crumbs Cupcake for myself

I’ve said this before, all the cutest guys work at crumbs. So I always go there for that but also to buy cupcakes. Unfortunately, it was always for someone else. Which I didn’t mind, but it never before occurred to me to just buy one for myself. Ever. Which is why this summer, I decided to do just that. To go to Crumbs to finally just buy a cupcake for myself.

I decided to get the Squiggle because I’ve had a similar cupcake before, but that one was from Sprinkles. I believe the Sprinkles one is called “Chocolate Marshmallow.” I can already tell that Crumbs definitely has much more interesting names for their cupcakes. Although I actually prefer Sprinkles’s (I don’t know if that apostrophe is correct, but it’s killing me.) presentation over Crumbs. It just looks more neat.

Anyway, Andrea and I took it out to go and we walked around on a hot summer day, so it already kind of melted before we got a chance to eat it. Not to mention, due to gravity, Andrea’s box flew out of her hand, thus messing up her cupcake.

Andrea's decapitated cupcake, and my Squiggle was just barely scratched.

Anyway, the cupcake was good. Except… alright, this almost pains me, because I’ve been looking forward to this for such a long time… but I have to say, I think I liked my Sprinkles Chocolate Marshmallow cupcake better. I had it last summer and I remember being able to finish it. And I remember how neat the butter cream in the middle was. The Crumbs version was just too big, and again, the presentation wasn’t as good. And there was a layer of buttercream under the chocolate ganache and on in the inside, although I can’t really say it was located in the center. It tasted good, I just didn’t finish all of it.

When I go to school, I’ll be right next to a Sprinkles Bake Shop. I can definitely get my Chocolate Marshmallow fix there, as well as other flavors. But when I’m at home [or in Glendale] I would still go to Crumbs, because again, all the cute guys work there. And I was looking at their beverages and I definitely do want to try what their “Homemade Soda” is all about. And maybe next time I can get a different cupcake flavor. The Baba Booey, maybe, or Half-Baked. Because one thing’s for sure: the two bake shops have very different personalities. And while I am drawn to the pristine presentation of a Sprinkles cupcake, I still can’t help associating myself with all the whimsicality that defines a Crumbs cupcake.

Sprinkles Chocolate Marshmallow cupcake looks much better, but I think Squiggle's a cuter name.

3 thoughts on “6. Buy a Crumbs Cupcake for myself

  1. My Justin cupcake haha. It was good but not THAT amazing. It was definitely destroyed by the time you took the picture.

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