4. Go to a museum

4. Go to a museum

When I wrote this down as part of my list, I always thought I’d go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. And summer’s not over yet, so I can still go to LACMA. And I will. But for now, I can cross this off my list because I did  go to a museum, no matter how many times I’ve gone there before. If  you have gone to school in the Los Angeles area, you are most likely familiar with the Getty Museum through school field trips. It seems to be very popular among schools, maybe because it’s free? But I’ve gone to the Getty around 4 times before. Twice for a field trip, and the other two just for fun. This was my fifth time, and this time, it was for my cousins. And it doesn’t matter how familiar I am with the place. There are always new exhibitions to see, and I just love museums.

Okay, so maybe I’m not very good with art. I might not know all the stories behind paintings, and I can’t analyze what the artist was feeling when he sculpted that tail on that man. But I just love looking at art. I just love looking at old artifacts. I enjoy them even though I don’t understand them. I love the vibe that museums have. I always feel smarter when I go to them. I feel intellectual when I stand in front of a painting, cross my arms, maybe rub my chin and look pensive.

Hmm. Society.

This trip to the Getty wasn’t very long. It was merely to look at the new exhibition titled “Paris Life and Luxury.” I especially enjoyed seeing old furniture or old musical instruments. Especially old clothes. It made me feel tall. We also got a chance to see the family room, which my 4-year-old cousin particularly enjoyed.

Well, that’s about it for now. When I do go to LACMA, I will definitely spend more time looking pensive, especially with the Tim Burton exhibition.

I just love museums.

It speaks to me.

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