16. Toy Story 3

16. Toy Story 3

Okay, while it’s still fresh in my mind. I’ve been hearing a lot about this movie.

Did it make you cry?

I cried so much!

Yes, this was a very sad movie, indeed. And it does make you want to cry at the end when you realize that everything must change and you have to move on. Me? I didn’t cry. I don’t cry. Like, ever.

I didn't even have this many toys when I was a kid...


I don’t remember if I even watched the second movie, but I guess you don’t really need to watch it to understand what’s happening. But I remember watching the first movie and I remember sort of the same idea of how Andy no longer wants to play with them. I guess this is just the end of it. The wrapping up of Andy’s story. And we’re introduced to so many different characters. Ken, I must admit, was my absolute favorite. What’s wrong with clothes and nice handwriting? At least he’s nice, and that’s all that matters. And then there’s about 3 different versions of Buzz. Me gusta mucho! I love all the satire and the creepy babies and clowns. To be honest, they were the ones that kept me entertained throughout the movie. Hey, at least it was less than 2 hours long.

I almost had to stop myself at the end, when the toys were almost going to be incinerated and they were miraculously saved by those little alien toys. I thought, That’s not very realistic. I thought they were going to die at the end, and that’s what everyone cried about. And that would have been the most realistic end, wouldn’t it? And then I realized the whole movie is about a group of talking toys and toys don’t die! And then I also realized this was a children’s movie. *giggle*

But as much as I enjoy sad endings, the ending of this story is actually pretty happy. I mean, of course there’s the change aspect, as we mentioned earlier. People come and go because they have to. Nothing good lasts for ever. Children grow. Blah. Blah. Blah. But still, it was a pretty happy ending. Sort of magical. Still a perfect fairy tale happily-ever-after ending. I mean, what did I expect? They all ended up together and they now have a new owner. And this time, they can use the computer. Um, win.


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