16. Get a new hairstyle

16. Get a new hairstyle

Okay, so this one isn’t really something I can just do once and then forget about. I mean, I can’t really forget about any of the things I do from the list because they will always be fond memories… whatever. You know what I mean. I have to basically wear this on my head for my first year of college. This is going to be part of the first impression that people are going to have of me.

Fine, so maybe I’m a little vain. But I’m sure you all can agree that a hairstyle can either boost your self confidence or make you a little bit insecure. Trust me, I know. When I was in middle school, I decided to be more adventurous with my hair in order to see what matches me and what doesn’t. What I like and what I don’t. There was a lot I liked, and a lot I didn’t like.

I liked the first layered haircut that I got with side bangs. I got that hair cut from Karmen in eighth grade. I didn’t like the boy-short haircut that I got from this one random hair salon that was just really inexpensive which is why I went there. And you might say, “Well, of course! With haircuts, what you pay is what you get.” And maybe I’ll agree with you in that sense. I mean, that haircut was $8 -_- but I don’t fully agree with you. At the time though, I learned my lesson. Eight-dollar haircuts are disgusting and I had living proof of it on my head in the last half of eighth grade.

Unfortunately, I don't look like Brody Dalle so this hairstyle did NOT look good on me. And my hair texture.

So I guess you could say that after that experience, shorter hairstyles were traumatizing to me. I let my hair grow out and whenever I needed a haircut, I would always just “get a trim.” Always from Karmen, the lady who cut me the first hairstyle that I loved, although every teenage girl at the time had it, and still has it today. (Layered hair with side bangs, anyone?) I was talking to my friend yesterday and I told her that I was thinking of cutting my hair.

“Don’t cut it short! You’re Kyla. You’re the girl with the long hair.”

Wow. So I’m “the girl with long hair.” I don’t know, but talking about all this change and the fact that my hair was infested with split ends and that my long hair was just so shapeless and feeling so-whatdoyoucallit?-blahhh, made me realize that I really needed a haircut. A completely different hairstyle from my usual layered hair. My hair is really fine (as in thin), and there isn’t much of it, so it basically needs a lot of help getting volume and the longer my hair gets, the flatter (more flat) and more boring it looks.

So flat. So boring. Myspace pic. *peacesignduckface*

I’ve gotten really picky about my hair especially after that disastrous $8 haircut experience. And I trusted Karmen with cutting my long layered hair and trimming it. I paid around $30 each for those haircuts. And this is where I disagree with the statement “What you pay is what you get.” Because $30 for a serious haircut is really REALLY inexpensive. Maybe males won’t understand, but females will. Especially when you have a salon that you go to where haircuts are $50 and over.

I was considering those places. I thought if I was going to cut my hair short again, I needed someone who knew what she was doing (or he, you know, whatever). I was skeptical about getting a $30 haircut from Karmen, because although I trusted her with my long hair, could I trust her with a shorter hairstyle? Seriously, I’m vain. Seriously, I’m paranoid. But seriously, I don’t have that kind of money. Well I wasn’t willing to spend $50 for just a haircut, when I have so many other things to buy. More important things like books and dorm stuff and clothes. Duh.

So I “took a risk.” I went back to Karmen. She looked at the picture I gave her of what I wanted my hair to look like. She looked at it for 2 seconds and put it back down and started prepping me for the haircut.

Wait, you understand exactly what I want, right? Oh my god, I hope you registered all that in your brain in two seconds.

I didn’t say it, but I was thinking it.

“You know,” she started. “This hairstyle’s really easy for me to do because I learned it in London. I can do any hairstyle. Anything.”

Did she read my mind? After that, I felt much more confident in her abilities and I trusted her with my hair. And she was babbling on about her day at Ikea. And the best part? She only charged me $25. I guess it’s a discount for being such a loyal customer.

Short. I did this on purpose. I like looking constipated in photos.



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