Friendship Bracelet Pattern #2

For the second friendship bracelet pattern that I have learned this summer, I again went to this website: and looked through patterns that I wanted to learn. I felt that I already had a lot of diamond-y friendship bracelets so I wanted one that was sort of different, which is how I ended up picking this pattern.

I already explained how to decipher these arrows in my first friendship bracelet pattern post here:

Hopefully that link works. But if not, just look for it. Anyway, so I’m not going to thoroughly explain the process at all because the other post explains a lot of the basics. So basically this is what I started with:

I used the same color scheme as the pattern only because I'm not creative enough to come up with my own.

And then I followed the arrows. Left to right, top to bottom. Like, reading a book. Since this only has 8 steps, it took a lot of cycles to get it to be long enough for my wrist.

Taping it down as you go really helps.
When you're done, tie off the ends and cut of the excess. I always like to tie before cutting, only to make sure I don't cut it too short that it can't be tied anymore.
All of my friendship bracelets so far. The two newest are on the left.

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