Banana Oatmeal Pancakes with Banana Walnut Maple Syrup (Guest Post by Nikiya)

Hello to the five people who actually read Kyla’s blog! And once you find out that this isn’t Kyla, you will probably stop reading. Because this blog is supposed to be about Kyla’s road to completing her summer list… so why would you care about me (I’m Nikiya, beeteedubs), right? It’s okay. I’m only guest posting on here because I currently don’t keep up a blog of my own (I used to have 2 blogs though!), but I wanted to share this culinary adventure with people. So here I am!


I made banana oatmeal pancakes with banana walnut maple glaze for my whole family on Friday morning. It was actually mainly for my mom. She works so hard & she’s always busy doing either office stuff or household chores, that I wanted to do something for her. I woke up really early on Friday so that I could start cooking while everyone else was asleep. Kyla was actually supposed to help and she was going to post about it on this blog… but when I woke her up, she didn’t get up (I later saw that she left me a voicemail on my phone: “Hi Ate Kia, this is Kyla. I’m not gonna make breakfast with you because I’m sleepy”… typical Kyla).

I’m excited about this specific culinary creation of mine b/c it’s my first ever completely original recipe. Here’s the process in photos… I won’t go into the specifics though.

Alright, so first, oats need to be soaked in buttermilk for at least half an hour. The soaking time is essential because this is what will give the oatmeal pancakes that unique texture that I love so very much!

While I was letting the oats sit in their buttermilk bath, I made the banana walnut maple syrup. I started with olive oil & walnuts in a pan.

After the walnuts start smelling fragrant, add sliced bananas.

Cook for a few minutes, and then add maple syrup (I used light maple syrup for fewer calories :D), honey, and water.  Stir constantly, and then let the mixture simmer until the syrup thickens to the proper consistency.

Alright, now starting on the pancake batter…

Typical dry ingredients. Flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and CINNAMON! Notice how this has NO SUGAR. I used up a lot of bananas in all parts of the dish to add the sweetness without using sugar.

Wet ingredients. Eggs, olive oil, smashed bananas.

Create a well in the center of the dry ingredients and then pour in the wet ingredients.

After mixing all these ingredients, add in the oats & buttermilk.

Mix everything together… and as a final touch: fold in some ricotta (leads to a fluffier texture, and the cheese taste contrasts well with the banana sweetness!). The final batter:

Alright, now on to cooking these pancakes. We already have bananas in the syrup, and bananas in the batter. We’re gonna add EVEN MORE bananas! SO MUCCHHH BANANANESS!

Fresh banana slices will be placed in the pancakes, like so.

The final pancake (that white stuff is the ricotta!):

Now all that’s left to do is pour some of the banana walnut maple syrup on top!

First of all, I am happy that for the first time in a while, my whole family ate breakfast before starting off their days in different directions. My brother, who is almost always late in getting ready to go to school, took the time to finish 5 minutes earlier than usual in order to eat my pancakes. My mom ate before going to work. My sisters, my dad, everyone!

Second, EVERYONE LOVED IT. This is rare, because whenever I would make stuff in the past, at least one person would not like it too much (of course they say it in a nice way). But this time, EVERYONE really really loved it! My brother, who doesn’t like it too much when I healthify recipes, said they taste good. My mom, who doesn’t like things that are too sweet, thought they were perfect. My older sister, who just somehow finds something wrong with a lot of the things I make, told me they taste good (although she still did complain that her pancake wasn’t cooked enough). My dad didn’t say anything, but he ate 4 pancakes, while we all each had one… soooo I’m pretty sure he liked it. AND FINALLY, Kyla liked them. Yes, she did. She doesn’t like nuts, so I thought she wouldn’t like these pancakes covered in nuts. But she tried them (just avoiding the nuts), and she also loved them. Didn’t you, Kyla?

And last, as I said earlier, it’s an original recipe. So I was scared of failure. But on top of making a healthy breakfast (remember, no sugar, very very little honey used, light maple syrup used, lots of gosh darn healthy bananas, and brain healthy walnuts!), it tasted as good as any unhealthy dessert!


Alrighty, I shall end with Jack Johnson because I want a guy to sing this song to me (okay?!)…

“I’ll make u banana pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now”


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