14. Crazy Stupid Love

14. Crazy Stupid Love

So I’ve been really lazy recently. As in, lie-in-bed-all-day kind of lazy. It’s as if I don’t want to do anything these last three weeks of summer except for wait. I’m getting very impatient. I want to start college. As in now. But waiting just wastes time, and I made this list to ensure that I get something out of this summer. So far I have. I got money. And clothes. And friendship bracelets. And good food. And a (somewhat) fitter body.

But I’ve been getting lazy. So today, despite the fact that I would have rather stayed in bed, I did something. I woke up early, as in 8:30 am kind of early and my sister and I watched the 11:20 showing of Crazy, Stupid, Love at Universal Citywalk.

Going to Citywalk used to be a somewhat easy thing for us to do, when we lived closer to the city. But ever since we moved a little ways away from L.A. and towards a more suburb-y area of Southern California, going to lively and interesting places like Universal Citywalk takes a much longer time and much more effort because you have to do things like wake up at 8:30 to make it on time to an 11:20 showing.

But never mind that. Let’s talk about this:


I mean, the movie. Of course, the movie.


When I first watched the trailer of this movie, it made me want to see it immediately. Of course, I didn’t really watch it immediately. I watched it now. After everybody else has forgotten about it. (Except for those abs, no one forgets those abs.) I don’t know what I was expecting from it. But after watching it, I realize that it was exactly what I had expected. Whatever that is.

This movie didn’t really get me thinking. I think it’s because I really can’t relate to any of this. For married couples or couples going through a divorce or womanizers or alcoholics or home wreckers or 13-year-olds in love or 17-year-olds in love. Yeah, maybe this movie made you think. But for me, all I know is that I was just very entertained while watching this movie. Especially because 2 of my favorite people are in it: Emma Stone (how gorgeous did she look in this movie?) and Ryan Gosling (nuff said).

I apologize if this isn’t very insightful. If I can’t stop gushing over Ryan Gosling and his shoes. And his abs and his pizza and burgers and fries and his ring and his abs. But come on, out of everything there, that was probably one of the things I could relate to. Okay, maybe not. I’ve never actually come across a guy that good looking. This says a lot about where I’m from: Earth.

Anyway, this is a great movie. And I really like the ending. It was hopeful, you know? Not quite so happy, because it’s not like they ended up together again, but it makes you think. They really don’t seem to be interested in other people at all. It’s as if they were only “made for each other.” *tear* There’s a part of me that wanted Steve Carrell‘s character to end up with Marisa Tomei‘s character, though. Yeah, she has problems, but she seemed like a nice enough woman, don’t you think? And I think Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are just so cute together. But I think Ryan Gosling would also look good with someone else… *ahem ahem*

Who did you think I meant?

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