7. Recycle an old article of clothing creatively

7. Recycle an old article of clothing creatively

This year, back to school clothes shopping wasn’t quite the same. Now, I had my own money to spend on clothes that I didn’t really need but wanted. There were no more rules to follow. I bought prints, I bought jeans, I bought tank tops and shirts without collars. (I don’t think I could ever wear collared shirts for fun ever again.) Our high school dress code had made my wardrobe hide inside itself. That’s not what I wanted my clothes to portray. What I really wanted was to make a powerful statement saying: COLLEGE, HERE I COME!

But let’s be realistic. I had a budget: $500 for clothes. I wasn’t going to build a whole new extravagant, flamboyant, colorful, dashing wardrobe with just $500, would I? So with a bunch of new clothes to mix along with the old ones, I decided to spend some of my money solely on accessories, because a girl who can accessorize can do anything. (Just kidding, she can’t)

So with this mindset of “out with the old, in with the new” the next thing on my agenda was to look through my clothes and see which of them I would take with me and which I was going to leave at home, give away or throw away. I still had a lot of extra baggage: clothes I no longer needed. Clothes from so long ago, I can’t even remember. Clothes that are way too big on me, that I would never ever wear. Ever. Not even to bed. Clothes with logos so specific that really, no one had any use for them. These were clothes I would throw away.

Fortunately, I found some ideas online that will not only recycle some of my old clothes, but it will also make my current wardrobe more interesting. Even just a little bit.

One of the latest trends today is fringe. Fringe is everywhere whether it be on bags, or boots, or booty shorts. Fringe is in. So in keeping up with the trend, I found some links on tutorials for fringe scarves, since I have discovered the power of a good scarf as an accessory to make an outfit a bit more appealing and give it some visual interest.

First I was looking at this link:


It’s supposed to make 2 scarves out of one oversized t-shirt. The fringe scarf for that one didn’t really turn out very successfully for me. I don’t know, I wasn’t a big fan. So, I took what was supposed to be the tube scarf for that shirt and turned it into another fringe scarf using this video.

This is the shirt I used. Builders Club. Seventh Grade. Or was it eighth?
I cut it originally with the idea that I would use the top part as the fringe scarf.
When that didn't work, I used the bottom part. Seam side up. (like in the video:))
Cutting the fringe.
Yanking the fringe.

I found that you can wear this scarf two different ways.

The first:

You can just wear it like a huginormous fringe necklace. Sort of.


You can do what the video did, and loop it around twice.

I personally thought the video made a more successful product than the college fashion link. I love that I made this myself and I love that it does sort of look more authentic, maybe. I guess, whatever.

Maybe fringe isn’t your thing. It’s probably just a passing trend. So why spend money on something that is just going to end up in the back of your closet next year, when you can reuse an old article of clothing and get it for free and make use of it while you can? You didn’t spend money on it, you’re still in style, and people will respect you for your DIY abilities. (The one that you learned online!)

My next project:


I have some SOLID-COLORED t-shirts that need some visual interest. (I am not the model in the picture, so I don’t count as visual interest.)


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