Friendship Bracelet Pattern #3,4,5

I know I haven’t posted on here in a while. But the thing with this blog is that I can only write on it if I accomplished something on my list. So it’s not really a daily thing. These are three more friendship bracelet patterns that I learned. I decided to just make one post about multiple ones instead of individual posts. So these are the designs I learned (sorry about the glare):

Again, you can refer to my very first friendship bracelet post if you don’t know how to read the arrows. Just click here.


So basically I kept this pretty simple. I wanted a friendship bracelet that had one solid color with minimal designs. I decided to go with this. Here’s a picture of the pattern:

I thought it was a simple enough design. And I’ve been trying to stay away from any diamond-y patterns because a lot of my friendship bracelets have some sort of diamonds on them. I wanted to spice things up a bit, even if it means toning things down. As you can see from the very first picture, the end result was mostly red with a little bit of blue. Well, it kind of reminds me of:

I love The Distillers.


Okay so I admit this one is a little diamond-y. But I really liked the color combination and it was pretty simple to make so I just went ahead and made it. At least it can count as one of my friendship bracelets!

The link to the tutorial is here. And the picture of the pattern:

This one’s pretty boring. I mean, it didn’t remind me of a song or require modifications. It was cute, though. So no comment.


Now this one was the most “challenging” out of the three. The way friendship bracelets get challenging is when they require more strings and, thus, turn out thicker. This isn’t the thickest bracelet I’ve made. I’ve made bracelets with much more string than this. But it was challenging because I came upon a problem while I was making it.

But first, here is the link to the tutorial. And here is a picture of the pattern:

So basically when I make friendship bracelets, I cut all the pieces of string an equal length. But a lot of times, you use some strings more than others. This bracelet uses up A LOT of black. The black string was almost finished when the bracelet still needed more length. I had a choice: 1) either finish the bracelet before I run out of black string and just give it to someone with a smaller wrist than me, OR 2) tie more black string onto the one I was using.

I decided to go with the second one. I got some more black string and tied it onto the almost finished one I was using for my bracelet. So if you observe the first picture again, you can see where I tied the two pieces together. I didn’t cut the excess until after the bracelet was done, because I wanted the string to already be woven into the bracelet so that it can’t get undone during the process. But note that if you like this pattern and want to make it, make your black string much longer than the others.

Cutting the extra black string from where I tied the two pieces.
All three. All done.

Five down. Now I have a week to make 5 more. My wrist is getting too much attention, I think I’ll make some of the next friendship bracelets for my friends. Some.


4 thoughts on “Friendship Bracelet Pattern #3,4,5

  1. I love all of those, I have just made a wave pattern friendship bracelet and now I am inspired to try more, I really like your top one, number 3, and might just have to try that one myslelf pretty soon!

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