4. Cheesecake Something, 17. Strawberry Something

4. Cheesecake Something, 17. Strawberry Something

Look at me, killing two birds with one stone! 🙂

This is actually one of those things I made with my sister. She likes to experiment sometimes. So anyway, this will NOT be instructional, just a bunch of pictures. So let’s begin:


(what a long name…)

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Okay so this was a really good dessert. The cake was very moist and very dense and very sweet. And the syrup was tart and a little sour. I was glad that not a lot of the bitter taste of the wine came through because I hate alcohol. I’m just glad it was cooked off during the process. Anyway, the two flavors together was really good, and I liked that the syrup sort of seeped through the cake. It didn’t make it mushy, just a good kind of soggy. Just a little bit.

We sprinkled powdered sugar and cocoa powder at the top and added fresh strawberry slices. I personally think every slice should have have fresh strawberry on it because it just adds such a refreshing/sweet/tart flavor. It makes the dessert that much lighter. Mmmm.


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