12. Learn 10 new friendship bracelet designs

12. Learn 10 new friendship bracelet designs

So let’s finally end this once and for all. Again, visit my first friendship bracelet post here to understand how to read the arrows.

Pattern #6:

How it translates to real life:

I gave this one to my friend, Rhonda because that’s what friends are for.

Pattern #7:

I tried to show some Bruin love. The colors are off though… sorry! Also, the tutorial’s kind of weird. if you look at the left side of the picture, you’ll see I made a mistake. there are 2 blue “sections” next to each other, when it’s supposed to be alternating. This is because I got confused by the tutorial. Once you’re done with line 24, you don’t start over again. Weird, I know. What you do is start from line 9 and you should be good. 🙂

Pattern #8:

I tried to be fair and show some Trojan love, as well. I used red for the black and gold for the white.

Pattern #9: 

I’m trying more challenging patterns. This reminds me of my friend, Teresa, who love butterflies. The pattern is kind of lopsided, and not as clean-cut as the picture. Oh well.

Pattern #10:

This turned out really well. It’s very cute and colorful and this one, I’m keeping for myself. The picture quality is horrible, though, so you can’t really make out all the different colors that are really in this. I just wanted to show proof that I really did this.

And that is it for my summer friendship-bracelet-making escapades! And to think, last summer I just learned how to make the most basic one at Stanford’s EPGY program. I must say, I’ve come a long way since then.


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