13. Start The Odyssey, 11. Write and send letters

13. Start The Odyssey 

I first heart about Homer’s Odyssey when I was in sixth grade. At the time, my sixth grade English/History teacher was talking to us about high school and college and all of it seemed so far away, so  unreachable. I mean, when would I ever have to read The Odyssey? That 1.000 page book. And I literally thought it was 1,000 + pages. I mean, it’s an epic poem. It must be epically long. Right?

Well, I didn’t find out that The Odyssey isn’t 1,000 pages until this summer.

Stop making fun of me. It’s not common knowledge. It really isn’t. This is one of those books for intellectual people. *wink wink* And I’m so glad I can add my name to that list.

I did not just start this book, in fact, I’m going to finish it today. (Packing for college has just been taking up a lot of time.) This book is actually interesting. I always thought it was too confusing and needed interpretation for understanding. I guess it depends on the translator, but this is easy to understand, at least the plot. I’m sure there are many other hidden messages and metaphors and what not, but first, you have to get past the surface and then you can go deeper.

I don’t know if I want more to live in Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece. I mean, this book makes me want to live in that time period. I want to believe in Zeus and Athena and have names like Eurycleia and Ariadne (Inception, ha!). I want to put olive oil on my skin and wear sandals and feast with wine and meat. Like, seriously, they always make sacrifices to the gods and make libations and drink wine and eat meat. And gold. There’s always a gold, or bronze, or silver something. It’s such an extravagant lifestyle. That is, if you’re rich and noble.

It’s a nice thought. Anyway, I’m ending the summer with this book because it’s sort of a bridge towards the end of summer and the beginning of school. Finally, I’m in college, and this 414 page book doesn’t seem quite so unreachable anymore.

11.Write and send letters 

I’m trying to kill 2 birds with one stone here; writing one blog post for 2 things.

I think hand-written letters are just so romantic. Today, it’s so much easier to send someone a message on Facebook, but I still love the feeling of getting snail-mail and seeing someone’s handwriting on a piece of paper. It makes me happy that they took time off their day to sit down and write me a letter and spend money on the stamp and walk to the post office and drop it off. I’m special. :]

I also love writing people letters because I feel so mature addressing it and putting the stamp in the corner; and walking to the mail box gives me a sense of purpose and importance. Plus, people appreciate a good letter from time to time. Last summer, I told people to write me letters while I was away at writing camp. Everyday I would be waiting for their letters and the anticipation is the best part. What’s even better is the surprise when you get a letter that you weren’t expecting.

This summer, I decided to send some people farewell letters. I could have written it all on Facebook and they would have gotten it in 2 seconds instead of 2 days. But I think it will be a nice surprise for them. And it gives them my college address so that maybe we could keep this cycle going. Fun! ;]

Or not, you know, whatever.


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