My Dog Ate My Homework 2.0

This is going to be a short post, because, well, I didn’t really do much this past week. At least nothing really that has to do with this blog. But number 1 on my list says “Blog at least once a week” so that is what I am trying to do right now.


Well, after the intensive 2-day thesis writing I put myself through last week, my mind kind of checked out this week and I kind of didn’t do any work for any of my classes. Of course, I went to class, but as far as readings and essays go…


But here’s the issue: Yesterday (Saturday) I had a flight back home to Los Angeles so that I could be here to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday party. So if I were smart, I would have planned ahead to get caught up in all my readings and at least write a draft of the essay that is due this coming week. That would have made life so much easier for this coming week, right?


Well, here’s the other issue: I got madly sick on Friday. Not a cold and a cough kind of sick (I already did that a few weeks ago). I mean an-explosion-out-of-both-ends sick. Graphic, I know. Sorry, I guess.


So in addition to basically doing no work during the week, I was also unable to do any work during the weekend. Though I was able to purchase a red dress, and I did manage to eat a plateful of crispy, fatty, delicious, Filipino food. But my essay and my readings? Well, I was far too sick, I just absolutely couldn’t.

Here's my sad Snap about being sick. Oh, poor me. :(
Here’s my sad Snap about being sick. Oh, poor me. 😦

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