Sometimes I don’t accomplish anything…

This past week has been an uneventful one as far as this blog is concerned. But I need to write a blog post for the week in order to accomplish my goal. Therefore, I will list the highlights of my week:


  1. Had 4-hour rehearsals everyday from Sunday-Wednesday for Flying Treehouse¹
  2. Received a solid A on my first film paper. Woohoo!
  3. Performed in the Flying Treehouse Winter show on campus!
  4. Performed in the Flying Treehouse show at the elementary school!
  5. Dressed up as Kim Kardashian for our house’s Special Dinner. Had to use pillowcases as butt pads.
  6. Went to The Sea for my three-year anniversary with Tony. Had a glass of Tempranillo, delicious hamachi shots, lobster rocks, well-seasoned croissants, and a huge slab of a fish called “Hawaiian Mero.” For dessert, a decadent creme brulee with seasoned apples and orange-flavored cotton candy.

    Bit tipsy at this point.
    Bit tipsy at this point.
  7. Went to a friend’s birthday party.
  8. Watched Kanye West’s Runaway with Tony and Lawrence.
  9. Wrote a little bit of chapter 2 of my thesis.

¹ Flying Treehouse is a children’s theater group that does creative writing workshops with local elementary school students. We then take their stories and turn them into a show!


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