The Perks of Technology

This week, when I got out of my last class of the quarter (woohoo!), I realized the sun was still out and I didn’t need the sweater I packed for the walk home and I saw everyone else in shorts and sandals and sunglasses, and it dawned on me: spring is almost here. And I was determined. I need to work out. Again.


Usually, I jog around the neighborhood right off campus and make my way to California Avenue where they have the Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Sophomore year, Tony and I tried to run from my dorm to the Farmer’s Market together. It was a distance of around a mile, but I literally stopped after a few blocks because I started tasting blood in my throat. So since I’m living around that area again this year, I guess I just automatically thought of that as my end goal: one day I am going to run that mile to the Farmer’s Market and say, “Hello new me!”


But then I got bored. I mean, it’s a nice neighborhood and all, but I’ve jogged around there about 4-5 times now and I kind of wanted something new. So last Thursday, I ventured out around the edge of campus some more but instead of turning left like I usually do, when I got on Stanford Avenue, I turned… RIGHT! And I’m so glad I did. There is a mini nature trail there with a couple of mini bridges to cross. Of course, I was trying to jog as much as possible without stopping so I couldn’t take a picture. But this trail took me out into a different part of the neighborhood— the hilly part where all the tenured professors must live. (And to think, I used to take the route for peasants, HA! #scottdisick). Eventually, I ended up taking a big 2.5 mile loop to Tony’s frat, where he gave me a small bottle of my favorite Harmless Harvest Coconut Water to drink on my way back to my house.


Small nature-y path I took a picture of when I was walki--ahem, taking a break.
Small nature-y path I took a picture of when I was walki– ahem, taking a break.

When I got home, I tried to find the route I just took on the map since I kind of just wandered around the neighborhood until I saw street names that looked familiar. I went on Google Maps to try to draw a similar route that would cover approximately 3 miles and that would loop back to Tony’s room where he can (hopefully?) reward me after every run with a bottle of refreshing coconut water. Well, I realize Google Maps is frustrating to toggle around because it doesn’t really account for all the small side paths I, as a pedestrian and jogger, can take. And when I finally mapped out a route I could use, there was no save feature, and I thought I had to resort to taking pictures of it on my phone. Oh, poor me.


But then with one Google search I made my most exciting discovery yet! MAPMYRUN!!! It’s an app that lets you create your own routes for jogging. I’ve already created three routes (two for Stanford and one for when I’m home during spring break). And it tells me the distance so I can reroute depending on how far I want to go. Usually, I try to cover a total of 3 miles (jogging some and walking some; I’m not that good, yet). Also, it just gets me excited about taking different paths and exploring different parts of the campus. For example, one of my routes takes me to the magical land of the Engineering Quad (ooooo!).

Anyway, I’ve only used it once this past Saturday during a jog and it worked wonderfully and it gets me excited about going out and jogging(/walking) again. But now I’m going to stop this post because I have a final tomorrow and this is beginning to sound something like a Yelp review. Start up idea: Yelp review for apps (hint: that’s what the star ratings are for).


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