2.5 Things

Two-and-a-half things from my list that I accomplished this week:


  1. Be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes.
  2. Go to the top of the Hoover Tower.
  3. Have a picnic at the Oval.

Last week I realized I wasn’t doing enough things from my list. So last Thursday, after my last final of the quarter, I celebrated with my friend Ifath by ordering lunch from Coupa. She got a caprese panini and I got a chicken caesar salad wrap. And since it was such a wonderful “spring” day, we also celebrated with gelato bars, hers was vanilla and mine was chocolate, and we walked our lunches to the oval, trying to finish the popsicles before they melted stickily down our arms.


But oh my god, it was such a great day to be eating outside. I brought a blanket to sit on and we sat under the shade of a tree, sometimes letting our legs touch the sunlight. It was just an overall relaxing meal, I would say.

After lunch, I had invited her to go up to the Hoover Tower with me to “kill two birds with one stone.” After all, we were seniors and we were both done with our finals for winter quarter so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to 1) be able to cross this off the list while at the same time 2) admire our beautiful campus stress-free and guilt-free before it’s too late (I don’t want to leave!).

So pensive.
So pensive.

It was gorgeous and it was so nice seeing the campus from that high up. Maybe it was because we were celebrating the end of our quarters, but from up there we really couldn’t sense the stress that pervaded all of campus during finals week (which wouldn’t be over for another day).

FullSizeRender (8)
Um gorgeous!

Afterwards, Ifath and I went our separate ways, so I did some general cleaning, went for a run, and packed my suitcase to go home for spring break!

So let’s fast-forward. Fast-forward through the semi all-nighter Tony and I pulled. Fast-forward through the early morning flight. Fast-forward through when I couldn’t find my suitcase at the airport. Through when I reunited with my cousin visiting from the UK. Through when I got my hair cut. Through when we had lunch, went shopping, and had some Pinkberry. Through when I got my suitcase back from the airport. And through when I finally went home. Then fast-forward through yesterday’s party at the lake and spending time with my cousins. Which brings us to today.

They say it takes ~21 days to form a habit. And I’ve been doing wonderfully with my running, because campus is just so conducive to being active and doing outdoor activities. That’s why I love being outside and going jogging. I’m nervous that if I don’t keep it up this week, I might get into a lull again, like I did a couple weeks ago, and I don’t want that. So this morning I woke up at 7:30am, earlier than most in the house. I ate a banana and drank some water. By 8:15 I was ready to go outside and try to jog for a bit. I didn’t really expect much because it was an unfamiliar route since I have never really jogged around here before, so I kind of just went in circles around the park to be honest.

But look!

FullSizeRender (9)
So close!!!

I know it’s not actually 30 minutes and it’s really almost 33 minutes. But I’m definitely getting there and I’m so proud of myself! That’s so much better than what I used to be able to do! I realize one thing though, instead of just running a certain distance within a certain time frame, next quarter, I should be aiming to run nonstop for longer distances, regardless of time. I still need to work on running nonstop for 3 miles. Oops. But for now, I will continue to work on trying to cross this goal (finally) off my list!


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