I’m baaaack…again.

Um, hi. Prepare yourself; this is going to be a long post.

I know I disappear quite often and only come back when I am going through some sort of a transition. (Or perhaps, some sort of a… crisis?)

I started this blog in the summer of 2011, after I graduated from high school. At that time I was figuring out a way to kill time and make something out of my last summer before college, so I started this blog and wrote that cringe-worthy “About Me” section. As embarrassing as it is, it’s actually still accurate. I do still like museums and food trucks. I did, after all, end up majoring in Art History and I wrote my honors thesis on Food and Feminist Performance Art. But still, maybe I’ll rewrite that someday.

Anyway, college happened and I forgot to blog…

Then, in my senior year of college, I remembered that this blog existed. And I decided to dedicate a quarter writing blog posts while drafting chapters for my honors thesis. I think that was also the time when many people around me were figuring out what they were going to pursue post-graduation, while I still had absolutely no idea what was in store for me.

Well, what happened?

I finished my thesis. Sure, it wasn’t the most well-written, nor the most insightful, piece of writing I’ve done. But there were a few things I was proud of, namely that I contacted the actual artist I wrote about and had her read my draft. She didn’t send me her feedback until after I had already submitted my thesis and presented on it, but I got feedback from her nonetheless!

Then I graduated. And then I spent the summer applying to jobs. It was a long and annoying process, but I eventually got an offer after three months. I started out as a temp, then got hired for a part-time position, and then a full-time one. And then I moved to San Francisco. And then… well, that’s about it. That’s where I am now. That’s what has led me here again.

My original idea for this blog was to create “to-do lists” to get me to actually do things. And that’s still how I view it. But given my actions and the fact that I only come here when I feel like I’m in limbo while the rest of the world keeps spinning, I realize that it’s also a final opportunity for me to enjoy my current situation before I try to propel myself towards some new direction. I don’t know where that “new direction” will take me and how much it will change my current situation, but it’s never a bad idea to make myself do things I’ve always wanted to do.

So for now I am back! Yaaaaay.


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