Where are you from?

I've always had a difficult time with the question "where are you from?" and I've never understood the pride of being "born and raised" somewhere. The weekend before Thanksgiving, San Francisco was a dead city. Tony and I were taking our weekly Friday night Lyft ride to his apartment, and because we basically live on opposite sides … Continue reading Where are you from?


I’m baaaack…again.

Um, hi. Prepare yourself; this is going to be a long post. I know I disappear quite often and only come back when I am going through some sort of a transition. (Or perhaps, some sort of a... crisis?) I started this blog in the summer of 2011, after I graduated from high school. At that time … Continue reading I’m baaaack…again.


I just went on thesaurus.com to look up a synonym for “poop.” Because when I was thinking of one word I could use to describe this week, the only word that could come to mind was “poop.” But I didn’t want to title this post “Poop.” I wanted to sound more mature, so instead, I … Continue reading Crap.

Sometimes I don’t accomplish anything…

This past week has been an uneventful one as far as this blog is concerned. But I need to write a blog post for the week in order to accomplish my goal. Therefore, I will list the highlights of my week:   Had 4-hour rehearsals everyday from Sunday-Wednesday for Flying Treehouse¹ Received a solid A … Continue reading Sometimes I don’t accomplish anything…